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The hexagonal shape emerges in nature due to principles of efficiency and optimization. Bees construct hexagonal cells in their hives to maximize space and store honey efficiently. Similarly, the hexagonal structure of a snowflake allows it to grow in a symmetrical and compact manner. These natural occurrences highlight the hexagon’s connection to divine design and the inherent wisdom of the universe.


This natural oil diffuser allows you to sit back, relax, and focus on the universe within as you appreciate the world around you.



3 inch. hexagon tray

2 inch cement moon and sun oil diffuser

35 oz. of stones

3 ml. essential oil blend


Gratitude, Pass it on item:

Seeds of Gratitude


Because our mission is to be eco-conscious, we use every bit of our product to help reduce waste during production. Seeds of gratitude pack is our way of recycling our production material and repurposing it into recycled seed pads that are infused with wildflower seeds.


Feel free to keep the seeds of gratitude for yourself or pass it on to someone, help to promote the Just-Grateful movement of "Gratitude, Pass it on!" 


Our gratitude gift to you is free shipping!!



Moon & Sun Oil Diffuser

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