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Experience the transformative essence of our Grateful Glow and Grows, a product hand crafted for repurposing, reducing, and sharing appreciation and gratitude. Indulge in its delights at your leisure – whether it is a self-care treat you give to yourself, or a thoughtful gesture passed on to others. Whichever path you choose, know that you are contributing to the ripple effect of gratitude that fosters appreciation for yourself and the world around us.



4oz Handmade Vessel

100% Natural Beeswax Candle with natural wood wick and flowers

Grow Kit & Instructions

Seeds (Select one)


Gratitude Pass it on, item:

Seeds of Gratitude


Because our mission is to be eco-conscious, we use every bit of our products to help reduce waste during production.


The candle scent is a light, sweet honey blend from our Gratitude Candle Collection, making each candle scent unique.


Seeds of gratitude pack is our way of recycling our production material and repurposing it into recycled seed pads that are infused with wildflower seeds.


Feel free to keep the seeds of gratitude for yourself or pass it on to someone, help to promote the Just-Grateful movement of "Gratitude, Pass it on!" 


Our gratitude gift to you is free shipping!!!

Mini Glow & Grow

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